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me as a baby

June 2007

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me as a baby

Friends Only. Comment to be added. Friends Only Image by italian_jewels


Very cool FO banner! I hope I'm still considered a friend.
why, of course you are!
I like your FO banner =)
I read your user info, you're the same person as me, in some ways.
You stole my thoughs =)
I added you to my friends, hope you'll add me back =D
lol I believe you stole my thoughts! :-)

Of course I'll add you back. :-)
Random add?
Sure :-).
Can you add me back?
Course done
Thank you kindly.
Hi! This is Jess (blue_american).

Add my new handle?
Yes,yes, of course.
You seem interesting. Add me?
heh. You used to be on my friends list before, when I had a_ms_story and perduadastra. I'll add you again, if you still want to be added.
I know, but I didn't know if you'd remember me! lol I don't know why we deleted each other before. I thought we got along pretty well.
I thought so too. I thought you disliked the polyamorous relationship I was in for awhile...but I'm not in it anymore because, well, it was CRAZY, and very immoral.
by the way, how did you find the new journal?
i would definetly love to be friends
Hi, this is Jess. Remember me? I've added you awhile ago, don't know if you noticed. Add me?
Why of course.
Hi! This is Jess and I'm reinstating my journal. Add me again?
Yeah, sure. :-)
Sorry, this is the new journal. Add me?

by the way, when other little girls wanted to be ballerinas, i wanted to be a mad scientist, and a mermaid. (i also wanted to be a ballerina, but not for very long)
Hey. So I almost never just randomly friend strangers, but you said you'd like to make love to Elizabeth Bennet, your bio is awesome and your interests are sweet.
So, can we be friends?

Yes, of course :-).


Not a friend's request (unless you want to for some reason) just me saying hi.


Re: Hey

hey! what have you been up to lately?
i think i saw you in berkeley one day by the bart station.
It's funny. I came here to approve you for my community, ikissgirls, and I can see by your schools that we are neighbors. How funny. Anyway, welcome!

thank you. :-)
where do you live?
Walnut Creek/Concord.
how long have you lived there?
Oh, like 2 1/2 years.
why did you move down here?
a bit more personal question - sorry if you feel i am being nosey - when did you realize you were a lesbian?
found you on customers suck and i love the way you write, and I think I'd enjoy reading what you have to say :)
Added...but my entries have been a bit on the depressing side lately. :-/
After reading your comment from my post in literaryquotes, I thought I'd look at your profile and you seem interesting and I hope you don't mind if I add you as a friend. :)
I don't mind at all...although I have no idea what I commented! heh :-)
I'll add you back.
Oh nos! I was deleted! :( I know I haven't been around lately, but I do like reading your entries. You're so unique!
I'm sorry I deleted you! I thought you didn't like reading my entries, that is the only reason why I deleted you. I'll add you back!

Sorry for the misunderstanding...(and that sounds soooo professional...aigh...)
Oh no, I love your entries! I've just been so busy lately that it's been hard to keep up with everyone on LJ. Ok!

Besides, anyone who quotes Emily Dickinson definitely has entries worth reading! Really! :) Hopefully I'll be able to get on more and stuff. I need to learn how to say no to my job...Sigh.

Quite all right, it happens. :)